Operation #BeijingCelebrateDay



@deadjoker北京:”Guardian Statue”

行动前一天,在中午成功的完成了key交换任务。在晚上agent @s4n和@DOUlovaDa开始出发前往目的地。

“绿军都起床了,我是不是开始link了啊? lol”



@bypai承德:”四面云山” link to “孙家庄站”, “四面云山” link to “双海豚”
@guo冀州:”孙家庄站” link to “双海豚”
@s4n大同:”大同大学音乐厅” link to “四面云山”, “大同大学音乐厅” link to “孙家庄站”, “大同大学音乐厅” link to “双海豚”

第三层field最终在两位agent:@DOUlovaDa(张北区域:张北汽车客运站2)@+ttwttmttj(呼市区域:Fountain)完成各自的清理工作之后,由@ichi23fourwu和@myifan在呼市完成了覆盖(呼市区域:”楚楚动人的昭君” link to “四面云山”,”楚楚动人的昭君” link to “孙家庄站”)。



Friday morning, Oct 3th 2014, Resistance of Beijing executed the Mega field Operation named #BeijingCelebrateDay . Until 11:00 AM we successfully finished 3 layers covered most area of Hebei province, China with total 68599436 MU (first: 14321294MU, 2nd: 21312368 + 6495862 + 425286MU, and 3rd: MU 26044626)

Three days before the ops, appreciated to these agents around Beijing, which given us pretty precious support, moved out to break the block links between the cities of Beijing and ShiJiaZhuang
@lostkitten in WuQing: “小区门口的狮子狗”,”不知名的小房子”
@jackyu in ShiJiaZhuang: “儒林”
@TeaX in ShiJiaZhuang: “五洲街”
@junzki in BaoDing: “信息与网络管理中心”
@ChanneRang in BaoDing: “保定高铁”
@deadjoker in Beijing: “Guardian Statue”

One day before the ops, we managed to finish the key transfer tasks at afternoon. And at nightfall, agents @s4n and @DOUlovaDa start their long journey to the aim area.
But before we proceeded, The Enlightened took some trouble on us suddenly, we had to arrange another agents temporarily to handle that .

At 9:00 AM all agents arrived their position except agents @E7VMK7UK and @UJBUHRW8, they have to drive over 300km from South of Beijing to XuanHua.
All agents were so exciting, and can’t wait to start the operation immediately.
They said:
“What time shall we begin?”
“Should I start clear the link now?”
“The Enlightened waked up from their bed, May I start my link? lol”

At 10:33 AM, After @E7VMK7UK and @UJBUHRW8 arrived Xuan Hua, It’s Time to clear the last block links and blow the final shoot!

@woshiren in ShiJiaZhuang: “天地荣域接待中心”,”盛景八方”
@iriyadays and @Junzki in BaoDing: “心清和石雕”,”室内喷泉”,”情侣”,”保定新站”,”保定高铁”,”出租停车场”,”六点led柱子”
@E7VMK7UK and @UJBUHRW8 in XuanHua: “宣化热电厂训”
@Alexrowe and @rachelseven in LiangXiang, Beijing: “安庄村之星”
@supery in ChengDe: “石狮子”

10:36 AM, After the block links were destoryed, the linker finished their 1st and 2nd field almost at the same time.

@bypai in ChengDe: “四面云山” link to “孙家庄站”, “四面云山” link to “双海豚”
@guo in YiZhou: “孙家庄站” link to “双海豚”
@s4n in DaTong: “大同大学音乐厅” link to “四面云山”, “大同大学音乐厅” link to “孙家庄站”, “大同大学音乐厅” link to “双海豚”

The final field was made by @ichi23fourwu and @myifan after @DOUlovaDa cleared “张北汽车客运站2” and @ttwttmttj cleared “Fountain”, linked from “楚楚动人的昭君” to “四面云山” and “楚楚动人的昭君” to “孙家庄站”.

Although we met a lot of problem, including some unexpected links, missing people in voice chatting, sim card error of an agent who just arrived his target, we finally made it happened at last!

Thanks for all memebers of the team, we perfectly completed our operation, Great Team work!

@WolfBUAA +Da Zeng
@BaggioBUAA +ba ggio
@bypai +Wu Xi
@guo +郭喜斌
@s4n +Zonesan Chai
@ichi23fourwu +Quattro Bageena
Link cleanner:
@deadjoker +Zhenshi Zhou
@iriyadays +Iriyadays Lee
@Alexrowe +Leon Zhao
@rachelseven +戚雨欣
@DOUlovaDa +Lord Pu
@ttwttmttj +Forest Wang
@lostkitten +王继光
@jackyu +Jack yu
@junzki +Andrew Junzki
@TeaX +Lentin Tang
@UJBUHRW8 +赵丢丢
@supery +Sup ery
Standby team:
@tiantian1214 +天天 L
@martin0621 +BingYou Dong
@YuBrooks +yu brooks

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