Cheaters – Jiasai

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如何进行举报可以查阅这里: 举报作弊流程


Hello Ops,

We have an issue about spoofing and need some help. The agent with id “Jiasai” is highly suspected as a spoofer who is cheating to level up right now.

Here are some proofs of the matter:

1. Please check the first screenshot, the id was took action on LianHuaChi Park during 2 AM. (Intel link for the park:,116.306419&z=17). According to the introduction of the park (, it is closed at 21:00 and will not open until 6:00 AM in the next day.

2. Please check the two portals in the red mark of the 2nd and 3rd screenshots. The distances are too far away to reach with that speed.

Thanks for your time.

Best regards.




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